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  All Ages Rides        


01 Ferry Wheel   10 Mini Roller Coaster  
02 Park Train   11 Crazy Dance  
03 Paratrooper   12 Tea Cup  
04 Pirate Ship   13 Park Mono Rail  
05 Paddle Boats   14 Air Plane Carousal  
06 Swing Carousal   15 Dinosaur Carousal  
07 Typhoon Carousal   16 Water Shooting Rides  
08 Bear Carousal   17 Adventure Boats  
09 Helicopter Carousal   18 Voyager Boats  
  Go Karts     Bumper Car


  Children's Rides        
19 Kids Train   28 Mini Air plane Rides  
20 Merry Go Round   29 Beetle bug  
21 Kids Merry Go Round   30 Phony Horse  
22 Mini Ferries wheel   31 Penguin City  
23 Battery Car   32 Funny Carousal  
24 Mini Helicopter Carousal   33 Easy Jip Rides  
25 Mini Pirate Ship   34 Baby Duck Carousal  
26 Mini Paddle Boats   35 Crazy dance octopus  
27 Mini Tea Cup   36 Cup Carousal  





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